WWE W2K18 - Xbox One (New)

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WWE W2K18 - Xbox One

Explore the revolutionary WWE W2K18 Xbox One video game that brings the raw action and intensity of wrestling right to your hands. This latest installment of the WWE series offers a host of improvements and upgrades that make it the best wrestling game ever!

WWE W2K18 Xbox One provides an authentic, intense and thrilling WWE experience like never before. Expanding on the successes of previous installments in the WWE series, WWE W2K18 now offers improved graphics, realistic animations, and a host of new features, modes, and playable characters.

With a rich roster of the WWE's greatest legends and current superstars, WWE W2K18 allows players to take control of their favorite wrestlers and live out their ultimate WWE fantasies. From the acrobatic high-flying style of WWE cruiserweights, to the raw, destructive power of WWE superstars, this game has it all!

WWE W2K18 also introduces a brand-new game mode, which creates an even more immersive WWE experience. Step into the shoes of a WWE superstar and navigate a career path, interact with other wrestlers backstage, and get involved in exciting storylines!

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