Tile Slim 2020 Bluetooth Smart Tracker - 1 Pack (New)



Efficiency at its Best with the Tile Slim 2020 Bluetooth Smart Tracker

Easily track your valuable items with the Tile Slim 2020 Bluetooth Smart Tracker. Integrate this compact device into your daily routine and keep track of your belongings just by using your smartphone. It's designed with innovative Bluetooth technology, which syncs with the user-friendly Tile App on your phone to make location tracking a breeze.

Whether you frequently misplace your wallet at home or want to secure your passport during travels, the Tile Slim 2020 is an essential gadget for comfort and assurance. It's a slim tracker that fit securely into most wallets or passport cases without adding bulk. You can even attach it on your laptop or tablet device to prevent potential misplacement or theft.

Using the Tile App, the Tile Slim 2020 uses Bluetooth to connect and locate via your phone. Its 200 ft range ensures you can find your personal items no matter where they may be misplaced. Get instant alerts on your phone or see the item's location on a map. The App even keeps track of the last known location if you're out of Bluetooth range. The Tile Slim 2020 also features a 1-year replaceable battery for long-lasting use. Protect your valuables and never lose track of your items again with the Tile Slim 2020 Bluetooth Smart Tracker.


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