Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition Xbox One PC (New)




Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition for Xbox One and PC – the ultimate racing wheel for true enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled gaming experience. Designed in collaboration with Ferrari, this meticulously crafted racing wheel brings the thrill of the track right into your living room.

Precision Engineering: The Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition is built to deliver the most authentic racing experience possible. Its industrial-grade brushless motor ensures smooth and precise force feedback, allowing you to feel every bump, curve, and nuance of the road.

Official Ferrari Licensing: Immerse yourself in the world of Ferrari with this officially licensed racing wheel. The sleek and iconic design of the Ferrari 458 Italia is faithfully replicated, from the authentic red accents to the Ferrari logo, making you feel like you're behind the wheel of a real prancing horse.

Dual Compatibility: Whether you're an Xbox One gamer or prefer the PC gaming experience, the Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition has you covered. Easily switch between platforms and enjoy seamless compatibility without the need for additional equipment.

Adjustable Pedal Set: Fine-tune your driving experience with the included pedal set. The metal pedals are fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the brake pedal's resistance to match your driving style.

Responsive and Ergonomic: The ergonomic design of the racing wheel ensures hours of comfortable gameplay, while the responsive and precise paddle shifters and buttons put all essential controls at your fingertips.

Thrustmaster Ecosystem: Dive deeper into the world of racing simulation with the Thrustmaster ecosystem. Compatible with a wide range of Thrustmaster accessories, you can expand your setup to include a gear shifter, additional pedals, and more for the ultimate racing experience.

Easy Setup: Getting started is a breeze. The Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition comes with a quick-release system for easy attachment and removal of the wheel, making it simple to store or transport when needed.

Take Your Racing to the Next Level: Whether you're a casual gamer or a dedicated racing enthusiast, the Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition elevates your gaming experience to a whole new level of realism and excitement.

Experience the thrill of the track, the precision of a Ferrari, and the immersive world of racing simulation like never before with the Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition. Get ready to dominate the virtual circuit and bring home the checkered flag

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