Tenda AC6 AC1200 Dual Band Router 300Mbps Wireless Cable (New)



Discover the Tenda AC6 AC1200 Dual Band Router

Built for internet-savvy homes, the Tenda AC6 AC1200 Dual Band Router brings reliable, high-speed connectivity right into your living room. With a total data transfer rate of 300Mbps, this wireless router ensures that your online activities – from video streaming to multiplayer gaming – run much smoother and lag-free.

Utilizing dual band technology, the router simultaneously provides 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections. This reduces network interference and is particularly useful for households with multiple devices in use. Now, you can play online games on your console, stream 4K videos on your smart TV, or browse the internet on your smartphone without any interruptions.

Designed for convenience, the AC6 AC1200 is easy to set up and manage. It features a sleek, practical design that blends well with any home interior. With its advanced features and robust performance, the Tenda AC6 AC1200 Dual Band Router is indeed a game-changer in home networking.


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