Tenda 9-Port 100Mbps Ethernet Network 8-port PoE 102W (New)



Boost Network Performance with the New Tent 9-Port 100Mbps Ethernet Network

The Tent 9-Port 100Mbps Ethernet Network is a cutting-edge solution for all your networking needs. With a robust build and advanced features, this product paves the way for high-speed data transfer and efficient networking.

This 9-Port Ethernet Network supports 100Mbps speed and comes with an 8-port PoE. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature allows network cables to carry electrical power, giving you the convenience of deploying network devices at any location.

What sets this product apart is its impressive 102W power, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. It's perfect for businesses that require a stable and fast internet connection for seamless operation.

The new Tent 9-Port 100Mbps Ethernet Network is designed to take your internet connectivity to the next level. Invest in this advanced network switch and experience a noticeable difference in the performance of your network systems.


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