Ted Baker Apple iPhone XS Max Case - Babylon (New)



Product Description: Ted Baker's iPhone XS Max Babylon Case

Ted Baker's Apple iPhone XS Max Babylon Case is not just a protective gear but an elegant accessory for your much-loved device. The case, influenced by the stunning one-of-a-kind Babylon floral design, very much reflects the brand's signature style of keeping things simple yet captivating.

With excellent durability and sophisticated aesthetic, it is crafted with precision to perfectly fit your iPhone XS Max. It ensures complete access to all features, buttons, and ports of your device, offering optimum functionality. The raised edges offer extra protection to your camera and screen, reducing the risk of scratches and cracks.

The Ted Baker's Babylon Case for iPhone XS Max is crafted with hard-wearing material, ensuring high durability and long-lasting use. It’s an exemplary illustration of style meets function, making it an ideal choice for the style-conscious, tech-savvy individuals.


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