Sony MDRZX310 Foldable On Ear Headphones - Metallic Black (New)



Sony MDRZX310 Foldable On Ear Headphones - The Perfect Music Companion

Sony MDRZX310 are not just headphones but a complete music solution. The black metallic design adds a classy edge making it a perfect accessory for all the music lovers. The headphones deliver mesmerizing sound quality that enhances the overall music experience.

What makes Sony MDRZX310 stand out is its foldable design. This feature makes these headphones highly portable and convenient to carry around. Don't worry about damaging them while packing, the flexible design will keep them safe and secure.

Sony MDRZX310 headphones are well-known for their top-of-the-line sound reproduction capacity. They come with neodymium drivers and give you dynamic sound quality. The headphones also have an inbuilt microphone to take calls making them a versatile choice.


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