Samsung Galaxy S9+ Gear4 D30 Case - Battersea Scratch Resistant Phone Case - White (New)

Condition: New


Samsung Galaxy S9+ Gear4 D30 Case - Ultimate Protection for Your Device

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ Gear4 D30 Case is a top-notch accessory designed for your mobile device. It specifically built with a Battersea Scratch Resistant feature, ensuring your phone is fully safeguarded from any damage.

Its smart design makes it convenient to use while providing maximum protection for your precious device. The case doesn't add extra bulkiness and seamlessly fits the Samsung Galaxy S9+, keeping it slim and lightweight while ensuring full access to all the ports, buttons, and features.

This Gear4 D30 Case exhibits remarkable durability and robustness, thanks to its quality material and meticulous construction. So gear up your device with this fantastic case and never worry about scratches or damages again.


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