Samsung Galaxy Smart LED View Cover For S21 + / S21 + 5G (Official) (New)

Colour: Grey


Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Smart LED View Cover For S21 + / S21 + 5G

 The Samsung Galaxy Smart LED View Cover offers a unique blend of protection, style, and convenience. Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S21 +/ S21 + 5G, it keeps your phone secure while providing you with versatile functionality.

This cover's standout feature is its innovative LED View. The LED display shows the time, incoming calls, messages, and more, all without needing to open the cover. Not only does this save battery, but it also lets you quickly check important notifications at a glance. Furthermore, the device offers an intuitive touch interaction, which allows you to control your phone without exposing the screen to potential damage.

Apart from the LED View, the cover also excels in terms of protection. Made with high-quality materials, it's designed to safeguard your phone from scratches and impacts. It also includes a handy compartment for your bank or ID card, making it a ideal accessory for those on the go.

Given the intricate design, high-end materials used, and the myriad of features it offers, the Samsung Galaxy Smart LED View Cover is not just a protective case, but a substantial upgrade to your smartphone experience.


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