Philips Hair Clippers for Men, Series 5000 Professional Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer with Length Adjustable Blades, Grades 0-4, Corded - Black/Silver (New)



Philips Hair Clippers for Men, Series 5000: Detailed Description

Philips Hair Clippers for men is not just a grooming device; it is a style statement maker. This professional-grade tool is designed to deliver performance, convenience and style. Built with advanced trimming technology, it ensures an efficient and hassle-free grooming experience. The hair clippers offer a wider range of cutting lengths, allowing you to customize your look easily.

Series 5000 Philips Hair Clippers come with length adjustable blades, which are exceptionally tempered for high durability and lasting sharpness. They are easy to use and have a longer cutting performance. The grades 0-4 offer you a wide range of options to choose the length of your hair. This gives you more control and flexibility to maintain your appearance.

Be it a full-on beard or a stubble, the beard trimmer gives a precise and professional trimming experience. The corded device allows for continuous power supply, thus eliminating the risk of running out of charge mid-shave. Available in an appealing black/silver combination, these hair clippers deliver the professional-grade grooming solution you've been seeking.


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