dbramante1928 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Case - New York Leather Phone Case (New)

Colour: Night Black
Condition: New


Discover the Grace of dbramante1928 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Case

Experience the merging of luxury and functionality with our dbramante1928 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Case. Crafted from premium New York Leather, it accents your iPhone 11 Pro with a sophisticated touch while offering dependable protection. This phone case ensures that your device is enveloped in style and safety.

The case is designed with utmost precision for the iPhone 11 Pro. Every edge, every curve is perfectly matched to the device, making it easy to access all functions and buttons. The snug fit protection makes your phone resistant to impacts, scratches and ensures long-lasting elegance.

Allow the timeless blend of New York’s elegance and durability to guard your iPhone 11 Pro. Immerse in the experience of dbramante1928 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Case. This case is more than a phone cover; it's a statement of style and quality. Don’t just protect your iPhone; embellish it with our high-quality New York Leather Case from dbramante1928.


All products sold by us come with a 12 month warranty.

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