Microsoft Surface Go/Go 2 Cover - Alcantara Signature Type Cover Model 1840 (Used)

Colour: Burgendy
Condition: Like New


Used Microsoft Surface Go/Go 2 Alcantara Signature Type Cover

Looking for a tablet cover that not only protects but elevates your gadget's functionality? Consider the Microsoft Surface Go and Go 2 Alcantara Signature Type Cover. This used item fits perfectly on your Microsoft Surface Go or Go 2.

Made from high-quality Alcantara material, this cover guarantees durability and sleekness. Best of all, despite being second-hand, it functions as smoothly as a brand new one. The keys are soft and responsive, allowing for input efficiency and speed.

Being a tablet cover, it also promises protection from scratches, dust, and small impacts. Get the Microsoft Surface Go/Go 2 Alcantara Signature Type Cover today and give your device the care it deserves.


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