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Microsoft 365 Personal - Enhance Your Productivity

This one-year subscription of Microsoft 365 Personal provides access to a range of Office 365 apps. The package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more that are designed to enhance your productivity whether you’re at work or school. It’s suitable for PC/Mac, tablet, and phone. Now you can get the most out of Microsoft applications on all your devices with this multi-platform, multilingual solution.

Enjoy the benefits of staying connected with colleagues and friends, with applications like Outlook and Teams that will keep you in sync with your office or schoolwork. Get distractions out of the way with tools like To Do list and Calendar, which will help you manage your time efficiently and meet deadlines without any hassle.

Microsoft 365 Personal is easy to install and intuitive to use, making it a go-to choice for students, professionals, and individuals looking for a reliable office solution that meets their unique needs. With a one-year subscription, you can take advantage of regular updates, upgrades, and access to the latest features.


All products sold by us come with a 12 month warranty.

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