Logitech MX Keys Mini For Business QWERTZ Layout

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Logitech MX Keys Mini For Business QWERTZ Layout

Key Features

  • Compact Design: The MX Keys Mini is designed with a compact form factor, perfect for business professionals who are always on the go.
  • QWERTZ Layout: Enjoy typing efficiency with the QWERTZ layout, tailored for users in German-speaking regions.
  • Comfortable Typing: With low-profile keys and a responsive typing experience, the MX Keys Mini ensures comfortable typing sessions, enhancing productivity.
  • Advanced Connectivity: Connect seamlessly via Bluetooth or the included USB receiver for reliable performance across multiple devices.
  • Long Battery Life: The MX Keys Mini boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring uninterrupted usage throughout your busy workdays.
  • Smart Illumination: The keyboard features smart backlighting that adjusts according to ambient lighting conditions, providing optimal visibility in any environment.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With customizable function keys and advanced productivity features, streamline your workflow and accomplish tasks efficiently.

Experience unparalleled typing performance and productivity with the Logitech MX Keys Mini. Perfect for business professionals seeking a compact and efficient keyboard solution.


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