Logitech Universal 9-10" Folio Keyboard For iOS Android Windows Tablets - Black (New)

Condition: New


Say Hello to Logitech's Universal 9-10" Folio Keyboard

Unveiling the Logitech Universal 9-10" Folio Keyboard, a carefully engineered product aimed at enhancing your tablet experience. This keyboard is a testament to Logitech's commitment to quality and innovation.

The Universal 9-10" Folio Keyboard is uniquely designed to fit a wide range of tablets ranging from 9-10", thanks to its stretchable corners. It doesn’t matter if you are an iOS, Android or Windows user, this keyboard case has got you covered.

The Keyboard is integrated into a case to provide all-around protection against scratches, spills, and bumps. With a durable and spill-resistant shell, you can take your tablet wherever you go without worry. Its slim and lightweight design makes it a perfect travel companion.

When it comes to user experience, the Logitech Universal 9-10" Folio Keyboard stands out. It offers well-spaced keys for comfortable and fast typing. Additionally, it comes with a built-in shortcut for iOS, Android, or Windows, allowing you to work efficiently without fumbling around menus.

One striking feature of this keyboard is its sturdy and adjustable stand. You can position your tablet at the right angle for you to read, type, or watch comfortably. This feature transforms your tablet into a mini workstation.

Other impressive features include a long-lasting battery life, fast pairing via Bluetooth, and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. These attributes make Logitech Universal 9-10" Folio Keyboard a must-have for anyone who loves efficiency and convenience wrapped in elegance.


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