Logitech Rechargeable USI Stylus Soft Touch - Silver / Yellow (New)



Detailed Description of Logitech Rechargeable USI Stylus – Silver/Yellow

The Logitech Rechargeable USI Stylus in unique silver and yellow is an innovative tool for digital creativity and productivity. This stylus is specially designed for versatility and preciseness, offering users a seamless experience on all USI protocol compliant devices.

This rechargeable stylus is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functions brilliantly. With up to 20 days of battery life, you can keep your creativity flowing without the worry of charging. Its soft tip allows for accurate control and a smooth glide that feels just like writing on paper.

Logitech has made a name for itself with high-quality, reliable technology tools. The Rechargeable USI Stylus is no exception, boasting a robust and durable design that can withstand up to 2 years of heavy use. Don't miss out on this efficient and stylish stylus from Logitech.


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