Lego Education 45005 StoryTales (New)



Unleash Creativity with Lego Education 45005 StoryTales

Introducing Lego Education 45005 StoryTales, an innovative educational toy designed for young learners. This remarkable toy set is designed to stimulate children’s imagination, creativity and storytelling skills while having fun. It is more than just a toy, it is an essential tool for every child's learning and development journey.

Lego StoryTales comes with 109 unique Lego pieces that children can rearrange and reconstruct into varying scenes and characters, sparking their creativity. It encourages children to experiment and explore endless possibilities, boosting their problem-solving skills and cognitive thinking. With this toy, the fun and learning never stop.

Moreover, Lego Education goes ahead to provide support and guidance with a StoryTales activity pack. It includes activity cards that inspire storytelling scenarios and provide engaging problems for children to solve. These scenarios create the perfect blend of fun and learning, encouraging children to think out of the box and develop real-life problem-solving skills.

Gift your children Lego Education 45005 StoryTales and watch them explore, create, and learn in the most entertaining way possible. This is not just any toy; it’s an innovative educational tool that will help them unlock creativity, improve their storytelling, build resilience and boost problem-solving skills. So why wait? Get Lego Education 45005 StoryTales today, and let your child’s imagination soar.


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