JOBY JB01578-BWW Beamo - Mini LED Light for Smartphone and Mirrorless Camera



JOBY JB01578-BWW Beamo Mini LED Light Can Make Your Photography Stand Out

JOBY JB01578-BWW Beamo provides a high-intensity light output that works great for professional videography or casual smartphone photography. Line up the shot and get the perfect lighting every time with its fully adjustable power settings.

Compact for on-the-go convenience, it can easily be slipped into your pocket or camera bag. Despite its size, it packs a punch with 1000 Lumens giving you the power to shoot in any lighting condition without losing detail.

The JOBY JB01578-BWW Beamo is incredibly user-friendly with its built-in Bluetooth compatibility, you can control it wirelessly through the associated app. You can set the brightness level, check battery status, and even control multiple Beamo lights simultaneously.

With the JOBY JB01578-BWW Beamo, you can take your photography to new heights. Get the control and flexibility you need to capture high-quality photos and videos under varying lighting conditions. If you're looking to make a significant impact with your images, then JOBY JB01578-BWW Beamo is the lighting solution for you!


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