JBL JR300 Kids Wired Headphones - Blue (New)



Experience True Sound with JBL JR300 Kids Wired Headphones

Designed for kids, the JBL JR300 Kids Wired Headphones offer a world of pure and uncompromised sound. The impeccable sound quality of these headphones, combined with their comfortable fit and vibrant blue color, make them an excellent choice for your child's entertainment needs.

With the JBL JR300 Kids Wired Headphones, you can give your children the gift of the best quality audio. The headphones are engineered with a limited sound volume to protect your kids' hearing, ensuring a safe and delightful sound experience. The lightweight design and soft padded ear cushions promise an unmatched comfort for long listening hours.

Unleash your kids' creativity and let them get lost in their world of music, movies, and games with JBL JR300 Kids Wired Headphones. With excellent durability and a fully adjustable headband, they are built to last. These headphones aimed at providing comfort, safety, and top-notch audio quality for kids. Get your JBL JR300 Kids Wired Headphones today and let your kids immerse themselves in the world of sound.


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