JBL JR300 Kids Wired Headphones - Blue

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Why Choose JBL JR300 Kids Wired Headphones?


Engineered specifically for young ears, the JBL JR300 Kids Wired Headphones offer both comfort and quality sound. These headphones, available in a vibrant blue, are designed with kids in mind - sporting a compact and comfortable design that’s perfect for little heads.

What's unique about these headphones is their Safe Sound feature which ensures that the volume always stays below 85dB - the recommended level for kids. This way, your young ones can enjoy their favourite tunes without harming their sensitive ears.

And it's not just the safety aspects that make these headphones stand apart. They also deliver JBL's iconic sound quality with crisp highs and deep lows making every music experience fun and immersive! Grab your pair today and let your kids enjoy their sonic journey safely and joyfully.


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