Incase MacBook Pro 13" Snap Jacket - Thunderbolt (USB-C) (New)

Colour: Rose Quartz


Revolutionize Your MacBook Pro Experience with Incase 13" Snap Jacket

The Incase MacBook Pro 13" Snap Jacket is a breakthrough in MacBook protection. Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, this Snap Jacket features a robust and rugged design to shield your beloved MacBook Pro from everyday bumps and scratches. The Snap Jacket’s superior construction guarantees long-lasting protection and durability.

Swiftly snapping onto your MacBook Pro, the Thunderbolt (USB-C) compatible jacket ensures a seamless fit, providing comprehensive protection without compromising on aesthetics or functional access. Its brushed finish and sleek profile enhance your MacBook’s look, making it the perfect accessory for both professional and personal use.

The Incase MacBook Pro 13" Snap Jacket isn’t just about rugged good looks and protection. It incorporates thoughtful design elements such as strategically positioned cut-outs for easy port access and heat dissipation. Raise your MacBook experience to new heights with the Incase 13" Snap Jacket and rest assured that your device will remain protected and stylish, wherever your journey takes you.


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