Huawei R219h 4G 150Mbps WiFi Hotspot - 2.4GHz x10 Users WiFi Hotspot Router (New)



Why Choose Huawei R219h 4G 150Mbps WiFi Hotspot?

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The Huawei R219h 4G 150Mbps WiFi Hotspot is a high-speed, reliable, and portable WiFi hotspot router. It supports up to 10 users at the same time, making it perfect for households or small office settings. Its 2.4GHz band ensures stable and fast internet connectivity.

The Huawei R219h boasts impressive features that include a strong, high-capacity battery for prolonged use, easy setup and connectivity, and high-definition voice and video call quality. It also offers fast download speed of up to 150Mbps, ensuring seamless browsing or streaming experience.

For the ones always on the move, this hotspot device is compact and light; therefore, carrying it around in your pocket or bag is hassle-free. The Huawei R219h 4G 150Mbps WiFi Hotspot is your best choice for sharing Internet access with multiple devices, wherever you are.


These devices are Vodafone branded with Vodafone firmware.
Sim Unlocked to any UK network.
Sim card not included (takes Mini Sim 2FF otherwise known as full sized)

All Items sold by us come with a 12 month warranty.

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