GoPro Hero Camera Floating Device Orange - Hero7 Hero5 Hero4 Hero3 Hero3+



Introducing GoPro Hero Camera Floating Device

Capture your water adventures without any worries with the GoPro Hero Camera Floating Device. This orange, floatable accessory is designed specifically for Hero models namely, Hero7, Hero5, Hero4, Hero3, Hero3+. The bright color makes the camera easy to spot if ever it gets knocked out of your hands while capturing those unforgettable moments.

With this floating device, your GoPro camera gripper will never sink. It offers your camera maximum buoyancy in water, making it safe for surfing, snorkeling, or any water-based activity. Now, even if the camera gets separated from you, it will stay on the water surface where it can be easily spotted due to its distinctive orange colour.

Besides offering safety, this GoPro Hero Camera Floating Device also improves the quality of your underwater shots. Its grip offers stability and control which allows you to capture clear and high-quality shots and videos even when completely submerged in water. Invest in this flotation device and take your GoPro adventures to the next level of safety and quality.


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