Goliath Games Chompin' Charlie With Bonus 24pc Jigsaw Puzzle (New)

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Exciting New Edition of Goliath Games Chompin' Charlie


Goliath Games 919583.004 Chompin' Charlie: A Thrilling Game with Bonus 24pc Jigsaw Puzzle


Step into the world of excitement and fun with Goliath Games 919583.004 Chompin' Charlie! Brace yourself for an adventure-packed game night that combines the thrill of competition with the joy of puzzle-solving.

Get ready to outsmart Chompin' Charlie, the mischievous alligator, in this exhilarating game of timing and strategy. Players take turns feeding Charlie, but watch out - he might just snap shut! With each round, the tension rises as players race against the clock to feed Charlie without getting caught.

But wait, the fun doesn't stop there! With the bonus 24-piece jigsaw puzzle included, the entertainment extends beyond the game board. Challenge yourself and your friends to piece together the vibrant puzzle featuring Chompin' Charlie and his friends in a whimsical scene.

Perfect for families, game nights, or parties, Goliath Games 919583.004 Chompin' Charlie offers hours of laughter and excitement for players of all ages. Bring home this dynamic duo of game and puzzle and embark on an unforgettable adventure today!

Key Features:

Exciting game of timing and strategy
Beware of Chompin' Charlie's snap!
Bonus 24-piece jigsaw puzzle included
Perfect for families, game nights, and parties
Suitable for players of all ages
Add a touch of thrill and challenge to your game nights with Goliath Games 919583.004 Chompin' Charlie. Order now and let the fun begin


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