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The games packaging is German but is playable in English

Enthral yourself with the new Civilization VI game for PS4. This well-designed official release allows you to lead your civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age. Revel in the rich world history spanning over centuries and make strategic decisions to shape your path. Experience unique city development, diverse terrains, and multiple cultural shifts in the game.

Witness winsome graphics, attention-to-detail settings, and realistic gameplay in the Civilization VI. The game incorporates thoughtful elements, keeping you engaged in all its six different game modes. Master your strategy with the civics and technology trees, making it all more exciting.

The real essence of the game is the empire building, where you need to make the right leadership choices. The path you choose in your civilizations defines the value and power you acquire over other civilizations. Unleash your leadership skills and strategic mind to experience this enthralling game. Civilization VI PS4 is a must-have for all gaming enthusiasts!

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