Canon P23-DTSC II Printing Calculator, Handheld 12-digit 2-colour

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Canon P23-DTSC II: The Ultimate Desktop Printing Calculator


Experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy with the Canon P23-DTSC II desktop printing calculator. Engineered with precision and convenience in mind, this advanced calculator is designed to streamline your calculations and enhance productivity in any professional environment.

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Printing: Equipped with a high-speed ink ribbon printer, the Canon P23-DTSC II ensures rapid and reliable printing of your calculations, saving you valuable time.

  2. 12-Digit Display: Enjoy crystal-clear visibility of numbers, decimals, and symbols on the large 12-digit LCD display, minimizing errors and improving accuracy.

  3. Profit Margin Calculation: Effortlessly calculate profit margins with the dedicated profit margin calculation feature, ideal for business and finance applications.

  4. Tax Calculation: Simplify tax calculations with the built-in tax function, allowing you to quickly add or subtract taxes to streamline accounting tasks.

  5. Time-Saving Functions: Benefit from convenient time-saving functions such as clock and calendar functions, date calculation, and currency conversion, making the Canon P23-DTSC II a versatile tool for various applications.

  6. Dual Power Source: Stay powered up and productive with the dual power source capability, allowing you to operate the calculator using either AC power or batteries for added flexibility.

  7. Compact Design: With its compact and sleek design, the Canon P23-DTSC II fits seamlessly into any workspace, saving valuable desk space while delivering powerful performance.

Enhance your efficiency and accuracy with the Canon P23-DTSC II desktop printing calculator, the perfect companion for professionals who demand precision and reliability in their calculations.

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