Belkin USB-C To VGA Adapter - 14cm 5" - Black

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Belkin USB-C To VGA Adapter - An Essential Tool for Presentations


The Belkin USB-C to VGA Adapter is a simple, plug-and-play solution for connecting your USB-C device directly to your VGA display or projector. With a length of 14cm (or 5 inches), it's compact and easy to carry in your bag.

This adapter ensures a seamless connection between your devices, offering superior video projection and quality. It's a must-have in today's digital world, making it ideal for presentations, lectures, or watching videos on a larger screen.

Experience the reliable and high-quality performance of Belkin. With this USB-C to VGA Adapter, you can expect a hassle-free setup, clear visuals, and unparalleled functionality. Don't compromise on quality, choose Belkin.


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