Bauer Professional 38920 Electric Hot Water Bottle - Lilac (New)

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Bauer Professional 38920 Electric Hot Water Bottle - Effortless Warmth and Style


There is nothing quite comforting as a hot water bottle on a chilly night. And when it comes from Bauer, you are assured of a top-class product. The Bauer Professional 38920 is a standout electric hot water bottle that promises to keep you warm and cozy. It is wrapped in a delightful Lilac shade that is pleasing to the eyes.

The Professional 38920 offers the dual advantage of efficient heating and effortless use. Just plug it in, and the bottle starts heating immediately. What sets it apart is its unique structure designed to distribute heat evenly, providing consistent warmth all night long. It is created with safety in mind. The automatic shut-off mechanism ensures that the bottle never gets overheated, providing you a safe and sound sleep.

This hot water bottle is undoubtedly a game-changer. Its reusable nature makes it an eco-friendly option in contrast to the regular disposable ones. Also, it does not require pre-heating, making it quick and convenient to use. Encapsulated in a soft cover, it offers a pleasant feel - no more scalding hot or disappointingly lukewarm. It’s the ideal balance of temperature that you have been looking for.

The Bauer Professional 38920 Electric Hot Water Bottle is not just a product; it's an investment for your comfort and well-being. Get yours today and experience the warmth and ease that Bauer promises to deliver.

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