Apple iPhone 13 Back Case Silicone With Magsafe (Official) (New)

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Official Apple iPhone 13 Back Case Silicone With Magsafe


The Apple iPhone 13 back case made of Silicone is both stylish and functional. Coming officially from the house of Apple, this case promises the highest quality and flawless fit for your iPhone 13. This high-quality case made of silicone gives a sleek look to your phone while providing excellent protection. The case is durable, ensuring long-lasting protection for your device.

What's more, this iPhone back case features Magsafe technology. With integrated magnets that align perfectly with the iPhone 13, this case provides a unique, seamless experience. The case supports wireless charging, which means you can keep the case on while wirelessly charging your iPhone 13. So, no need to remove your cover everytime you need to charge your phone.

Not only protection, but this silicone case also offers a comfortable grip. The exterior has a soft but firm feel to it, which means your phone will not slide off easily from your hands or a smooth surface. Enhance the look of your iPhone 13 with this Apple iPhone 13 Back Case Silicone now.

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